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Padcast #29: RSD’11 – Ode To A Mixtape

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Sheesh it’s glum out there. Drizzle, sleet, pouring rain, driving winds and a relentless shade of grey. Or as some would say, a perfect day for Record Store Day 2011! What better conditions to foster the annual truffle hunt favored by music fans, record collectors, vinyl enthusiasts and indie hipsters?

So as is my want, I bring you my annual tribute to the joy of music, direct from the podcasting bunker of Couderay Music, for the RSD’11 show,

Peggy Sue & Not Fade Away my RSD11 bounty!

Padcast #29 – Ode To A Mixtape:

RSD’11: Ode To A Mixtape

Discourage WolfSayonara (from their début single on Lilypad 2011)

UndergroundNomad Planets (from their album, You’re Never Lost Until You Panic on Fairbanks 2010)

Toy Tambourine (Jimmy T remix) – Aberdeen (from an exclusive John Girgus archive featuring remix work from a former member of The Postal Service with a song originally released on Sarah Records in 1994)

Caravaggio’s Tryptic 1Bisoux Bisoux  (from the album Writing Audio by Beirut via Chicago sound-artist, Bisoux Bisoux 2011)

95th & TempoYoung Jackies  (an unreleased track from the NYE’11: Live At Couderay sessions on Lilypad 2011)

MadmanHollus  (an unheard and brand new, unmastered mix from their forthcoming EP, Part Two, scheduled for an end of this year release on Hollus 2011)

Lay Down Your HeadWorldWideRiot  (recorded live in my studio for the début podcast of The Pad’s, Padcast #1 – Introducing WorldWideRiot on Lilypad 2008)

It’s Just The First StepJonnie Warmer  (from my personal archive and recorded in 1993 for the unreleased album, A Month Of Tuesdays)

No More Sad SongsTrembling Blue Stars  (hidden track released on disc 2, Cicely Tonight, Volume One EP, which accompanied the very last album from TBS, Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires on Elefant 2010. A final collection, making up the farewell EP titled, Correspondence, comes out in about a month on Elefant.)

Thanks to all the bands for making such excellence. This mix tape goes out to Gizmo Whitebread who is recovering from surgery triggered by a hip fracture. And to music lovers everywhere! Without your support, the music stops. Happy Record Store Day. Thanks for listening!

All songs © retained by their holders. No infringement intended. For promotional purposes only. Not for sale or rebroadcast. If you like one of these artists, buy their music dammit!


“Discourage Wolf” By Sayonara

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“Discourage Wolf” is the recording début of Texas duo, Sayonara.

Formed officially in August 2010, Sayonara is the musical love-child of bassist/singer Debbie Pucek (Back After Dawn), and former WorldWideRiot guitarist/bassist/singer, Sean Blythe.

Sayonara is still writing music for their upcoming EP for Lilypad Records and they will be heading back to Chicago in June to continue recording at Couderay Music with music producer, Kerry Kelekovich.

Debbie Pucek: guitar & vocals

Sean Blythe: bass, keys & drums


My interrogator leaves me threatened
Only when he asks one question like,

What happens when the box stops ticking?

I’m in no state to tell
Don’t feel bad (I’ve got no guts)

This is the part when all deflections cease to amuse you
Maybe we should call it off and blackout like we always seem to

No one except for me gets in my head
I’m surprised you ever thought you could
Don’t take it the wrong way
It’s just the way I operate

How can I put it so you’ll understand?
There’s no end to everything that is
No single thought, emotion or thing you’ve lost
No word or touch or love that feels dead and gone

We are two blind Alpha wolves
Pouring out from a red light
Both worthy of this good fight
Over all the things that remain under the breath of all the others

No one except for me gets in my head
I’m surprised you ever thought you could
Don’t take it the wrong way
It’s just the way I operate

How can I put it so you’ll understand?
There’s no end to everything that is
No single thought, emotion or thing you’ve lost
No word or touch or love that feels dead and gone
The woods seem so much darker when
The moon is being pulled by something
But the sun is there
But the sun is near

lyrics by Debbie Pucek


Recorded on February 26, 2011 at Couderay Music in Wonder Lake, Illinois.

Produced, mixed & mastered by Kerry Kelekovich.


Sayonara’s Sound: A Labor Of Love

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Sayonara's début singles are in production (photo: Mike Hanna)

Wylie, Texas duo, Sayonara, now in production in the Couderay Music studio, have two songs primping for their release as singles and two more stripped-back, acoustic numbers for a podcast on my music show, The Pad.

After a whirlwind weekend at the end of February which acted as an introduction, session and dinner-date, the band and I are well on our way to conquering the micro-niche world of music. Sean Blythe has spent a fair bit of time with me in the studio (after we worked together with his earlier outfits, WorldWideRiot and Hollus) so this meeting was not completely new. But it had been a few years, things change and all that… But, like riding bikes & horses, bands and producers get back on their preferred mode of transport and, when the results are excellent, ride off into the sunset together.

It won’t be long before Sayonara’s material begins to surface in the blogosphere, twitterverse and social networks of your choice. You can listen to their home demo of Kidnapped (which I beefed up a little for them) at my Lilypad page here. You might also visit the band on their Facebook page here and get tweeting with them here. We had our very first chat via Skype yesterday and that signaled the start of our introductory “padcast” with Sayonara coming soon.

Record Store Day 2011 looks poised for another fun gate-crashing by Lilypad Records, The Pad and our friends joining in the ruckus. Huzzah!

On The Horizon

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2011 looks like another good year for music if you’re a fan of independent sounds generated by bands that you either never heard of or you’ve under-appreciated. And while it’s no secret TIS has a little bias for this collection of bands, you might develop one, too?

Trembling Blue Stars Correspondence (Elefant 2011)

Fast Trains & Telegraph Wires

Following TBS’ reemergence in 2010 with Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires, Bobby Wratten, Beth Arzy and company will deliver their last offering sometime this year. This is really part two of Cicely Tonight Vol.1 which came included as part of their Fast Trains release.

In the meantime, here’s TBS’ video for All Our Tomorrows (Elefant 2010).



Sayonara untitled début (Lilypad 2011)


Too early for details, but Sean Blythe out of WorldWideRiot, and his newest collaborator (and partner in life & love) Debbie Pucek, will arrive on the doorstep of Couderay Music in late February to record what will become their début.

I had already beefed up their home demo of Kidnapped a little while back and it seems they are working feverishly to amass songs that we’ll be tackling pretty soon.

Hollus Part Two (Hollus 2011)

Part One

I’ve enjoyed Hollus’ newest output for some time now. I mastered Part One back in July 2010 and when they released it in November, it seemed that folks finally started to pay attention to this blossoming, Chicago-based outfit.

Still no official word when they plan to drop Part Two, but 2011 is the target. Here’s the Jamison Acker directed video for Lucy Grey from Part One to hold you over.

Aberdeen On Tour


Wow. I didn’t expect to learn this Sarah Records band from California would tour again but there you have it — Aberdeen tours the coasts late spring 2011! Please tell them that we call Chicago the Third Coast. John, Beth, Johnny and Brian deliver shoegaze-y, dream-pop to NYC’s Popfest, at The Cake Shop on May 19th. More dates to follow.

Here’s Aberdeen’s track which made its way to a Buffy The Vampire Slayer compilation.



Young Jackies Live At Couderay NYE ’11 (Lilypad 2011)


My collaboration with J1 dates back to the early 70s. This was our improvised set, celebrating the death of 2010, captured at midnight in my studio also known as my home. This is an experimentally oriented batch of ambient performances, with an acoustic guitar finish recorded later that same day.

The entire album is available as a free download until it’s released February 1st on Lilypad Records.


Michael Lux and The Bad Sons Neat Repeater (Lux 2010)

Michael Lux

Hollus’ guitar-slinger, Michael Lux, really surprised me with this end of 2010 EP release entitled, Neat Repeater. I don’t know whether it was that he kept the effort quiet until he didn’t, or that the reverb-drenched, garage-infused collection was garnering press right out of the gate, but I liked this even though I’m not known for listening to music soaked in the halls & chambers of reverbdom.

Technically not a 2011 release, but it’s my blog and I’ll break the rulez if I want to break them. Mr. Lux will give you this album free if you attend his show at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge, January 28th. Listen to Killer.



Hope there’s something here for you? I’m certainly not about singularity, so I also hope you weren’t expecting bands playing under one genre umbrella? If you have a band or album coming out in 2011, feel free to send it along and maybe I’ll feature it in one of my posts. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Hollus’ OTV1

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It’s been a while but I’ve returned to share the latest Jamison Acker video, Obligatory Tour Video 1, which chronicles the exploits of his band, Hollus, during their touring & recording journeys from April to August 2010. Lots of snippets from their newest, Part One, which drops November 2. I mastered this collection and I have to say, I like it a lot.

If you’re in the Morris, Illinois area tonight, Hollus rocks Clayton’s with worldwideriot’s Eric Enger opening the show at 9 pm.

WWR: Justice Live At Griffin’s Pint

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Our friends in WorldWideRiot have a new song they performed live at a recent show at Griffin’s Pint in their hometown of Morris, Illinois which popped up on YouTube not too long ago. Love the air drummer…

Pushin’ Too Hard: June 25th

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June 25th is a date I always dread a little. In 1976, the day after my first real band, Taylor Bridge, finished another blazing rehearsal, my father, T.K., had a heart attack.

When you’re 18 years old, family events like this one etch a permanent place in your brain. Fused into this recollection is the combination of police, Allman Brothers, TK, screaming-drunken bandmates, hospital and June 25. Disjointed as a list, but very cohesive in the big picture. In ’76, the day after the great, post-rehearsal turmoil, comprehending what a heart attack was and how it meant change was a little over my head.

As the years rolled by, I noticed that turmoil seemed to congregate or coagulate on certain dates. Is this completely nuts or have you noticed this, too? So when I arrived back to Rancho Lilypad after a 6 hour drive through Wisconsin, I was a little stunned to find my current 6/25 upsets were quite trivial in comparison with others out there. Of course, I reference the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. The news has been non-stop since reports began streaming yesterday. The Chicago Sun-Times posted a tweet on Twitter well before the television media began to confirm the news.

A bad day for icons,” I quipped to my wife, Cath, as I walked into our house. As I got closer to her office, she began walking to meet me and I noticed she looked a bit different, having the unmistakable look of someone that just suffered a terrible blow. Did I somehow miss something? Could it be that Cath had also lived under the shadow of those Fawcett posters, growing up in England? Was Jacko secretly blaring out of her room as a youngster, when all I know about her early days seems to be an amalgam of Scott Walker, The Fall and Buzzcocks? Highly doubtful.

Steven Wells
Steven Wells

So it was a little confusing at first when I learned that Cath’s face was reflecting the death of a relatively-unknown-to-me writer named Steven Wells, or Swells as his friends called him. It turns out, Steven was a fellow writer at the NME (his obit with commentary) in the 80s when Cath was also working there, along with their mutual friend David Quantick. Over time, Dave worked with Steven as a writing partner on many things. I should note, it turns out Steven’s death occurred Wednesday night, June 24th. His last piece for the Philadelphia Weekly is here. There is a great bit of insight at No Rock And Roll Fun that is worth reading. This excerpt from a Wells’ poem recounted there by Simon struck me,

The number unemployed fell today
Fifteen thousand bled away
So we stripped them cold naked
And shaved their heads
Stopped the thrashing of severed nerve endings
By boiling the buggers in sterilized lead
Laid them out in cold, grey ranks
Introducing the human sandbag
A small donation to the nation’s maintenance

Sky Saxon was born Richard Marsh

Sky Saxon born Richard Marsh

In 1967, I was barely ten years old when I first discovered The Seeds and Pushin’ Too Hard. The sound and production Sky Saxon and company conjured simply floored me. A style and aesthetic that I thought was an appropriate touchstone when, forty years later, I began producing psych-rockers, WorldWideRiotI believe my Dad introduced me to that song when he delivered a cache of 7 inch singles he had “come across” while he was repairing the heating system at Universal Studio in Chicago. I played The Seeds’ record to death.

When I learned that Sky Saxon had died after learning more about Steven Wells and weathering the Jackson/Fawcett media deluge, I couldn’t help but think that June 25th is a bad day for music. Even Farrah seemed to live in the music sphere. Her poster, along-side posters of icons like Linda Ronstadt and Rod Stewart, seemed to be everywhere music fans were congregating. And for all of Jackson’s bizarre behavior later in life (another similarity to Fawcett), there is little doubt MJ contributed a ton to the music universe. Bigger than Elvis seems to be a common summary of his life and place in pop culture. And, although I will say the early Jackson 5 singles energized me and made me a fan of those records, Pushin Too Hard was where my musical soul hung out. How could I forget having to play Rock With Me, over and over again, during my disco-days tenure in a Chicago, Top 40 covers band? Not something that I think back on with fondness.

So I was quite saddened to read that Austin-based Sky Saxon died after a short illness. It seems no one is exactly sure what his age was other than in his 60s.

My condolences to all the families and friends affected by yesterday’s confluence of events. I hope Cath and David find some comfort that Swells covered the Jackson, Saxon and Fawcett crossings.

Yes, I maintain that there are certain dates in the calendar best avoided. I mark June 25th.

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