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Naked In Nature by Carpmen

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Naked In Nature recorded live in 1986 at Studio B Chicago.

Naked in nature

I come to her

my mind undressed

Recorded live in Studio B Chicago in 1986.

No real setup for sound check. Basically a plug & play situation while trying to capture the sparks as they flew. The 80s reverb was not an option. Its use mandated by the music convention of 1986. We also wore mullets and skinny ties.

If you take three, Indiana-bred, childhood friends and call them Peter Gunn (why not, they did!) and filter this through 2/3 of the post-punk trio, The Others, and finally, add another friend and flavor by incorporating the studio project that was King Of Sighs, you get the no-frills, improvised experiment that was Carpmen. Five guys show up. A notebook or five might see the light of day. Ideas, still in flux, congeal. This is the results.

I must give credit to Scotch/3M because that cassette was not too miserable to restore. No flakes either! Maybe we drove those waveforms into that ribbon with enough force to keep it all there for a long, long time. I love this project. We had fun with no strings attached. If I have a regret, it would be that I was in the control room and not in the live room. Perhaps the rest of this lot preferred it that way? Haha!! Well played, gents. Oh well, someone had to press record. KK

One day. One time. From the unknown…

Papa | Down | Pray | Naked In Nature | Mission Impossible

Mike Jones: vocals & notebook

JD Dragus: guitar no whammy & backing vocals

John Carpenter: guitar with whammy

Dan Massey: drums

Kerry Kelekovich: bass & recording engineer

Words by Mike Jones

All songs © 1986 Carpmen / © 2011 Lilypad Records All Rights Reserved

Thanks to everyone at Columbia for letting us do this without interference, especially Diego and security.

Restoration by KK at Couderay Music June 2011 for  Lilypad.

I’d like to tell you something about me

but I don’t know me half as well as you

to be released 11 November 2011

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