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Stuff It! My Suggestions For Your Holidaze Stocking.

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Happy Holidaze!

Well it’s that time again…

And, depending on what commercialized holiday celebration you embrace, you’re probably looking for something for a loved one, friend or co-worker. Apparently, everyone likes music, or, at least claims to like it. Maybe these suggestions might do you a favor if you’re stumped? It was a good year for music and these releases offer something for just about every imaginable type of music lover that seeks out the rock-indie-folk-dream pop-blues-punk-twee-soul bins at your local music emporium.

Trembling Blue Stars

Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires (Elefant 2010)

Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires

Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires


Billed as the last album by indie legends, Trembling Blue Stars, Bobby, Beth, Ian and the rest of the gang cooked up a wonderful package that fans of dream pop are certain to enjoy. And weep over, too. Not for those prone to tears, “Fast Trains” is a journey through the rich and sad fields of Bobby Wratten. Mr. W is known for commanding a tear or two and this nineteen-song collection is certain to conjure up a few.

This really is an album plus an EP titled, “Cicely Tonight Volume One” and this bonus lets the ambient world seep in on a slightly grander scale. “Correspondance Volume Two” EP is due out in 2011 on Elefant and will be the last of it all.

I know, you think I’m biased because Cath Carroll sings a guest lead on The Imperfection Of Memory and I recorded her vocals and used the power of ProTools to make it in time to get it across the pond to Ian Catt’s studio in London. But, I’m only biased if liking good music makes me biased. I’d buy this for many, many reasons. Like that guitar solo on “No More Sad Songs” for starters…


Part One ( 2010)

Part One


A six-song watershed moment for the Chicago natives known as Hollus. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this band since January 2007. Throughout lineup changes and musical soul-searching, Hollus remained a solid writing partnership. Guitarist Michael Lux and singer Jamison Acker have crafted their first collection that blends all the earlier Hollus incarnations into an excellent pastiche of rock, blues, soul, singer-songwriter and brit-pop.

Again, is my bias showing? For full disclosure, I freely admit I mastered this collection back in July. And yes, I’ve also heard “Part Two” which should be out in Spring 2011. But if I’m not sick of this by now, what’s my bias? I freely admit to liking good music.

The National

High Violet (4AD 2010)

High Violet


If this album only had “Bloodbuzz Ohio” on it, I’d still buy it. I do think that song might get my vote for song of the year. Singing along to, “I still owe money, to the money, to the money I owe” doesn’t feel inappropriate as we head into the new year. And the vocals are certain to get Ian Curtis fans twitching if you’re new to The National’s brand of indie. Hah! Try pinning bias on me with this one. OK, it’s on my iPod. Guilty!


Grinderman 2 (Anti 2010)

Grinderman 2


This is Nick Cave’s other project. Now into his second collection, Mr. Cave makes you remember that sometimes we need to extol the virtues of suffering. Or at least crank up the volume. Another one of those all-things-coming-together releases. Of course, this is probably Cave’s third go-round under that banner. He’s something to behold when you consider he may be hitting his stride in his 50s. Go Nick, GO!


The Lady Killer (Elektra/Asylum 2010)

The Lady Killer


If you’re short on cash but long on statements, try Cee-lo Green’s single “Fuck You”. How many songs can you name that can’t be sung on the radio without causing a censor’s head to explode, make you dance like mad — and laugh out loud — all the while you’re thinking, “Can I put this on a holiday mixtape?”

Of course the answer is, “Sure you can!” But, I’d buy the album, too.

Bonus Stuffer For Your Extra Stocking:

John Martyn

Solid Air (Island 1973)

Solid Air


Hello????? 1973!!!! What am I saying here? For starters, ’73 was a great year for music. But, John Martyn died in 2009 and it still bums me out. People who know and love the music of Nick Drake need to know Martyn’s folk-jazz work, too. Start here.


Merry Holidaze everyone! And only the best for 2011…

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