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Padcast #29: RSD’11 – Ode To A Mixtape

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Sheesh it’s glum out there. Drizzle, sleet, pouring rain, driving winds and a relentless shade of grey. Or as some would say, a perfect day for Record Store Day 2011! What better conditions to foster the annual truffle hunt favored by music fans, record collectors, vinyl enthusiasts and indie hipsters?

So as is my want, I bring you my annual tribute to the joy of music, direct from the podcasting bunker of Couderay Music, for the RSD’11 show,

Peggy Sue & Not Fade Away my RSD11 bounty!

Padcast #29 – Ode To A Mixtape:

RSD’11: Ode To A Mixtape

Discourage WolfSayonara (from their début single on Lilypad 2011)

UndergroundNomad Planets (from their album, You’re Never Lost Until You Panic on Fairbanks 2010)

Toy Tambourine (Jimmy T remix) – Aberdeen (from an exclusive John Girgus archive featuring remix work from a former member of The Postal Service with a song originally released on Sarah Records in 1994)

Caravaggio’s Tryptic 1Bisoux Bisoux  (from the album Writing Audio by Beirut via Chicago sound-artist, Bisoux Bisoux 2011)

95th & TempoYoung Jackies  (an unreleased track from the NYE’11: Live At Couderay sessions on Lilypad 2011)

MadmanHollus  (an unheard and brand new, unmastered mix from their forthcoming EP, Part Two, scheduled for an end of this year release on Hollus 2011)

Lay Down Your HeadWorldWideRiot  (recorded live in my studio for the début podcast of The Pad’s, Padcast #1 – Introducing WorldWideRiot on Lilypad 2008)

It’s Just The First StepJonnie Warmer  (from my personal archive and recorded in 1993 for the unreleased album, A Month Of Tuesdays)

No More Sad SongsTrembling Blue Stars  (hidden track released on disc 2, Cicely Tonight, Volume One EP, which accompanied the very last album from TBS, Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires on Elefant 2010. A final collection, making up the farewell EP titled, Correspondence, comes out in about a month on Elefant.)

Thanks to all the bands for making such excellence. This mix tape goes out to Gizmo Whitebread who is recovering from surgery triggered by a hip fracture. And to music lovers everywhere! Without your support, the music stops. Happy Record Store Day. Thanks for listening!

All songs © retained by their holders. No infringement intended. For promotional purposes only. Not for sale or rebroadcast. If you like one of these artists, buy their music dammit!


Record Store Day 2011 For The Rest Of Us

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As an indie label, Lilypad Records never tried to sell ANYTHING for this occasion. Whatever sold, it was for sale all the other days of the year as well. And when it was clear that SOME Mom & Pops were not interested in having the brick & mortar indie community include internet operations, I was a tad disheartened. After all, there’s more vinyl here than a lot of the elitist stores glomming on to a music-centric day equal to Black Friday in a Wal-Mart. (Well, maybe more in spirit than financially?) Never mind the cassettes, dats, 45s and compact discs piled high in the archives. A private collection lent to interested parties when I’m asked. More like an indie music library, perhaps? OK.

So for the third year running, Lilypad is poised to crash the RSD’11 party with another podcasting day of music from our label’s family and friends. Please join the streaming goodness when I present a live interview and acoustic performance début on The Pad from Texas upstarts, Sayonara.

I’ll also be streaming a mix tape collection from acts such as Sarah Records’ only American artist — Aberdeen (Los Angeles), purveyors of midwestern rawk — Nomad Planets (Indiana), ambient-experimentalists — Young Jackies (Chicago), electronica newbie — Bisoux Bisoux (Beirut) and many more.

I hope you’ll join me at The Pad for another celebration of all things music with my friends that make it, with or without the blessing of Ozzy Osbourne & company…

Sayonara’s Sound: A Labor Of Love

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Sayonara's début singles are in production (photo: Mike Hanna)

Wylie, Texas duo, Sayonara, now in production in the Couderay Music studio, have two songs primping for their release as singles and two more stripped-back, acoustic numbers for a podcast on my music show, The Pad.

After a whirlwind weekend at the end of February which acted as an introduction, session and dinner-date, the band and I are well on our way to conquering the micro-niche world of music. Sean Blythe has spent a fair bit of time with me in the studio (after we worked together with his earlier outfits, WorldWideRiot and Hollus) so this meeting was not completely new. But it had been a few years, things change and all that… But, like riding bikes & horses, bands and producers get back on their preferred mode of transport and, when the results are excellent, ride off into the sunset together.

It won’t be long before Sayonara’s material begins to surface in the blogosphere, twitterverse and social networks of your choice. You can listen to their home demo of Kidnapped (which I beefed up a little for them) at my Lilypad page here. You might also visit the band on their Facebook page here and get tweeting with them here. We had our very first chat via Skype yesterday and that signaled the start of our introductory “padcast” with Sayonara coming soon.

Record Store Day 2011 looks poised for another fun gate-crashing by Lilypad Records, The Pad and our friends joining in the ruckus. Huzzah!

PADCAST #23: “Lipstick” [Video] Live & Acoustic by Hollus

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Lilypad Records’ The Pad music video podcast for the Hollus visit on our “Living Room Series” padcast with a raw, acoustic performance of new songs (previewing Hollus’ upcoming dual EP releases — “Part One” out Nov 2, 2010).

Blah, blah, blah…

Jamison Acker: Lead vocals & videographer
Michael Lux: Lead guitar & backing vocals
Kerry Kelekovich: guest guitar, recordist & editor

Hollus Joins The Pad And Kicks Off “The Living Room Sessions”

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Jamison and Michael, founding members and principal songwriters of Chicago’s own Hollus, stopped by Sunday (Sept 19, 2010) on The Pad, my little music show podcast that I’ve been known to stream beginning back in 2008.

This is their stripped back, acoustic version of Songs That You Love performed live here at the ranch. You might recall my flogging of their official music video release for this song a while ago? We had a good time chatting about all things Hollus, Mike’s fondness for “cannonball-ing” (it’s a musical thing, honest!), Jamison’s new HD camera and other matters of music, art and politics.

For more info about the band, their website is HOLLUS.NET

Lilypad At Soundcloud

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Soundclouds home page

Soundcloud's home page

I wanted to let you know we are moving ahead with our Soundcloud account now that MySpace has officially ceased to be anything more than annoying.

Twitter and Soundcloud work very well together and couple that with our Facebook (Cath’s FB here) and our own websites/blogs, well, you get the idea, this is simply better.

And, we get to be LILYPAD! No records or hyphens, dots or… clutter! Nice.

At Soundcloud, you’ll also find tracks from all of the Lilypad roster, friends and our podcast, The Pad.

In the not-so-distant future, I hope to launch Cath’s “It All Looks Good On You” which is currently in the studio. Pretty excited about this one. OK, I’m biased. But just ask Cath, that doesn’t happen very often.

Hope summer is treating you right. That is, if it’s summer where you are?

Submissions For TIS

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Send me your track

If you would like us to consider your band or solo work, send us a track and every now & then we’ll cook up a new Padcast and feature reader dropbox items.

Only tracks YOU OWN. No covers, please.

We make no guarantees. And although we are primarily an indie label with college, ambient, psychedelic, prog, garage, blues, folk, electro-acoustic, post-punk and experimental leanings, we wouldn’t dream of suggesting you should fit into one of those sub-groups. Send it. If we like, we might use it. No promises.

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