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Zenph Sound Innovations Turns Recorded Music Into A Data Set

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I’m sure that this technology must be causing great joy amongst the data set harvesting crowd.

From my perspective, this is somewhat like going back to 1983 and reversing the technology that M.I.D.I. brought to the world. Here, we find recordings turned into data sets of performance (instead of live performance turned into data sets for other usage such as performance correction or recording performance with different sounds, enhancements or dynamics). Nuance and actual stuff captured and rendered as the components of performance might be the new “cover song” someday, if not very soon.

Intrigued? Read the entire story at Bruce Houghton’s excellent Hypebot.


When PSA’s Go Wrong: Don’t Copy That 2

Posted in Music, Web 2.0 with tags , , on September 12, 2009 by C54

GH5 creators should be sentenced to watching THIS video until they agree to re-do Guitar Hero. If GH5 is THE worst thing you’ll see in gaming all year ever, this public service announcement is the worst thing in PSAs since video was invented.

Thanks to the excellent Mashable for tweeting this one. I needed an antidote for GH5 and this ad did the trick.

09.09.09- No Auto-Tune Day

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Epic numerological calendar moment. New music releases, news items, films and… Everyone’s trying to capitalize on this attention-getting string of nines. And now, Caturday! Really? Ugh.

Banning of all LolCats for one day seems kind of weak and a waste of a perfectly good opportunity — I vote for No Auto-Tune Day.


Mr. Kitty

After the considerable vexation subsided, Mr K announced 09.09.09-No Auto-Tune Day
After the considerable vexation subsided, Mr K announced: 09.09.09-No Auto-Tune Day

Playing The Media: Music Marketing Advanced Class For 20th Century Thinkers

Posted in Band Biz, Music, Web 2.0 with tags , , , on August 21, 2009 by C54

Nothing is what it seems. But let’s face it, we deserve it. In the spirit of never give a sucker an even break, I think Sony, once again, demonstrates WHY the music biz is in the middle of a long-running sea change. As Anthony H. Wilson said, “you have the right to fuck off.


ReadWriteWeb article on how rights owners (Sony, Chris Brown) can make viral profits on other people using their work instead of suing them –

The video was real. But promotional activities (possibly/likely paid) created the initial viral effect (led to the tipping point of the viral effect) which then got carried a further by people thinking they were simply late to the party, including myself (e.g. 440k clicks and 3k detectable retweets out of the 13M views). The numbers don’t jive.

The viral halo has added 1 million more views to the video from August 1 – August 2.  (13.1 M to 14.5 M)


The JKWeddingDance video was real; the viral effect was MANUFACTURED – Post 1 of 2

Lilypad Records’ Breaking News Page

Posted in ©opyright, Band Biz, Music, Random Life, Web 2.0 with tags , , , on August 5, 2009 by C54
All things Lilypad, including Cath Carroll related news, now aggregating our music news blog sources into one convenient page.

All things Lilypad, including Cath Carroll related news, now aggregating our music news blog sources into one convenient page.

Big Champaign is a 21st Century, media-metrics specialist. Tracking anything their clients need — artist and music statistics/sales/eyeballs — BC has offered the public two widgets for free (if you join the BC dashboard start page). We joined.

On our Breaking News page, we’ve compiled many of our music news sources (rss feeds) into a single-page source for anyone interested in music  and web 2.0 matters, ranging from artist and label content to industry talk and insider blogs. Intellectual property in the 21st C will be a very hot topic for some time yet, and our focus will target these conversations, too.

Lilypad Records’ Breaking News Page

Don’t Do What I Do, Do What I Say!

Posted in Band Biz, Web 2.0 with tags , , on July 22, 2009 by C54

Okay, you’re thinking, “why should I care about what you say KK?” A fair question when I haven’t set the world on fire with my collaborations and I don’t work solo. Well, that’s not quite true, I DO work solo. And when I do, the people I work with call it collaborating.  :¬)  Is this a blueprint for success? I don’t think so, either.

If you are in a band and everyone in your band isn’t working as hard as you are, find new collaborators. Most bands fail when the work-balance is badly skewed. If some members are doing all of the busy work and some members are coat-tailing, you’re doomed. And btw, if you are The Star, you are not exempt from The Work, no matter how much  your conceited outlook colors your worldview.

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation, Lala, Last FM, Rhapsody, iMeem, Bebo, PureVolume, your band’s website/blog/store/podcast… Yeah, it’s a ton of work. I guess the bass player can take care of it, right? *puke* If everyone isn’t engaged, toss the slacker(s) or find a new outfit to crew with and be a LOT happier. Trust me. There’s NO point in working with anyone that isn’t as committed to the art (and work) of your band as you are. It doesn’t matter how talented they are and it never will matter. It’s a requirement.

So what do I say? Follow the blueprint that has become well-established:


  • Your website is Job One. Use it as the hub and make it appealing so there’s a reason to go there, day after day. Unique content, updates, feeds, pics of you and pics from your fans, streams & downloads. Don’t have a website? Get a free blog. You need your own place to hang, first. Then, drive the networks back to this place.
  • Social networking is no longer a concept, it’s s reality and you need to get communicating. Facebook has eclipsed MySpace. So what? Do you think you can ignore one or the other? If you’re an unknown, you’ve got to hang out where people congregate. Twitter is hot and growing too, and easy to use. Use it! [Caution: being interesting does not mean constant promotion of the only idea you’ve ever had.] Being a human being and tying that to your art IS the best approach. Yes it is. Some sites offer a consolidated tie-in with other sites. ReverbNation has been very good at this and their widgets kick butt.
  • Gigging means word of mouth. So make that good word of mouth. But, if you suck live, mystery is your only hope. In a world where everyone says, touring is your only hope, you need to know this — touring is HARD and being a great live act isn’t just a good idea, it’s a requirement. When I see Wayne Coyne croaking another almost-tuneless vocal that sounded so much better on record, I wonder if the Lips’ spectacle, when delivered live, has anything to do with their music? And since you’re NOT the Flaming Lips, you’d better be able to bring a fresh spectacle every night or be very, very good at delivering your songs. Preferably both.
  • Touring means even more communicating with your fans. Set lists, fan requests, giveaways, secret meetings, streaming/radio and everything you do in your bedroom has to be done on the road. And with a connection to gigging no less.
  • IT’S ABOUT THE SONG. It really doesn’t matter how great your technique is, without something to say, no one will care how amazing you are beyond the initial curiosity. To keep them coming back for more, you need great material. Gigging endlessly is a potential flogging that I’d avoid. Write your best material, first. By all means, start playing out in your area, backyard, party… But “touring” is a cliche not a solution. In order to tour smart, you need something smart to tour. Yes, the zen master speaks! But seriously, if this is news to you, you worship the wrong blogs.

Talent got you to the door. Your effort gets you through it. Pretty simple.

INDIE ARTISTS’ WEB 2.0: From Royalty Agreements To Your Next Battle Plan

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“Pure-play” webcasters reached an agreement on royalties they will pay to SoundExchange. Read about it here.

And in other Web 2.0 news, Trent Reznor posted a blog spelling out the actual steps he believes will be the correct path for indie artists to follow, even if you didn’t have a major label deal at some point in your career, like say, Nine Inch Nails. He touts TopSpin Media as getting the new biz model right. Are they better than AudioLife or Tunecore or Amazon or…? I guess only time will tell.

Read Trent’s opine before his hiatus/exit here.

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