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February Dates For Our Chicago Friends

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Friday 2/11

  • Hollus at Crusen’s on War  in Peoria,Il.


Saturday 2/12


Monday 2/14 Valentine’s Day


Friday 2/25

  • Hollus at Martyr’s in Chicago, Il.


Saturday 2/26


Weekend Picks If You’re In Chicago

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Michael Lux debuts his bad side at Bottom Lounge TONIGHT.

Mr. Lux steps out on his own.

Backed by Hollus’ rhythm section and friends.

In support of his début EP, Neat Repeater.

Steve Dawson at The Hideout

Steve Dawson and Melanie Budd at The Hideout

Time: 10:00 PM Mr. Dawson is one of my favorite singers and his solo work is great.

Always recommended.

Jayhawks at The Vic

And then there’s Mark & Gary & Co. at the Vic. You can’t walk down the street without tripping over good music tonight. Good to see Jayhawks back. Great harmonies and tight writing return after a hiatus.



The Hideout has Expo ’76 for my Saturday night pick.

Dag Juhlin writes: Our non-stop tour continues, and this week finds us roaring into one of the best places on the planet, The Hideout. It’s the official Expo’76 début performance at this beloved bar, and so we’re bringing along The Total Pro Horns as well as an extremely special guest or two or three or four. Heck, it could even be *YOU*.
The Hideout celebrates their 20th year of celebrating St. Timothy’s Day, and by all accounts this is going to be a magnificently unhinged event. We’ll do our best to make it that much more musically majestic.
Seriously — you won’t want to miss it. The Hideout brings something out in us, and it will for you too. BE THERE! Love, Expo’76: Dag, Kenn, Ralph and John

On The Horizon

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2011 looks like another good year for music if you’re a fan of independent sounds generated by bands that you either never heard of or you’ve under-appreciated. And while it’s no secret TIS has a little bias for this collection of bands, you might develop one, too?

Trembling Blue Stars Correspondence (Elefant 2011)

Fast Trains & Telegraph Wires

Following TBS’ reemergence in 2010 with Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires, Bobby Wratten, Beth Arzy and company will deliver their last offering sometime this year. This is really part two of Cicely Tonight Vol.1 which came included as part of their Fast Trains release.

In the meantime, here’s TBS’ video for All Our Tomorrows (Elefant 2010).



Sayonara untitled début (Lilypad 2011)


Too early for details, but Sean Blythe out of WorldWideRiot, and his newest collaborator (and partner in life & love) Debbie Pucek, will arrive on the doorstep of Couderay Music in late February to record what will become their début.

I had already beefed up their home demo of Kidnapped a little while back and it seems they are working feverishly to amass songs that we’ll be tackling pretty soon.

Hollus Part Two (Hollus 2011)

Part One

I’ve enjoyed Hollus’ newest output for some time now. I mastered Part One back in July 2010 and when they released it in November, it seemed that folks finally started to pay attention to this blossoming, Chicago-based outfit.

Still no official word when they plan to drop Part Two, but 2011 is the target. Here’s the Jamison Acker directed video for Lucy Grey from Part One to hold you over.

Aberdeen On Tour


Wow. I didn’t expect to learn this Sarah Records band from California would tour again but there you have it — Aberdeen tours the coasts late spring 2011! Please tell them that we call Chicago the Third Coast. John, Beth, Johnny and Brian deliver shoegaze-y, dream-pop to NYC’s Popfest, at The Cake Shop on May 19th. More dates to follow.

Here’s Aberdeen’s track which made its way to a Buffy The Vampire Slayer compilation.



Young Jackies Live At Couderay NYE ’11 (Lilypad 2011)


My collaboration with J1 dates back to the early 70s. This was our improvised set, celebrating the death of 2010, captured at midnight in my studio also known as my home. This is an experimentally oriented batch of ambient performances, with an acoustic guitar finish recorded later that same day.

The entire album is available as a free download until it’s released February 1st on Lilypad Records.


Michael Lux and The Bad Sons Neat Repeater (Lux 2010)

Michael Lux

Hollus’ guitar-slinger, Michael Lux, really surprised me with this end of 2010 EP release entitled, Neat Repeater. I don’t know whether it was that he kept the effort quiet until he didn’t, or that the reverb-drenched, garage-infused collection was garnering press right out of the gate, but I liked this even though I’m not known for listening to music soaked in the halls & chambers of reverbdom.

Technically not a 2011 release, but it’s my blog and I’ll break the rulez if I want to break them. Mr. Lux will give you this album free if you attend his show at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge, January 28th. Listen to Killer.



Hope there’s something here for you? I’m certainly not about singularity, so I also hope you weren’t expecting bands playing under one genre umbrella? If you have a band or album coming out in 2011, feel free to send it along and maybe I’ll feature it in one of my posts. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Hollus Tour Dates For January

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A little shout for some of my friends…


1/7: Reggie’s 11 PM

1/17 – Double Door, Chicago, IL

1/19  Spike Hill – NYC

1/20 – TBA

1/21 – Dobbs, Philly PA

1/22 – Mojo’s Jamestown, NY

Hollus’ OTV1

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It’s been a while but I’ve returned to share the latest Jamison Acker video, Obligatory Tour Video 1, which chronicles the exploits of his band, Hollus, during their touring & recording journeys from April to August 2010. Lots of snippets from their newest, Part One, which drops November 2. I mastered this collection and I have to say, I like it a lot.

If you’re in the Morris, Illinois area tonight, Hollus rocks Clayton’s with worldwideriot’s Eric Enger opening the show at 9 pm.


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Thanks to John Sawyer for this poster.

If you’re in New York, I highly recommend checking out my friends in Hollus. They’re playing songs from their new album, “Part One” on this tour, too.

A Hollus Sampler


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I worked with Dag, Gregg and Jim, aka — The Greenwoods, a few years ago on material they were honing for their début. Visit them today for more details by clicking on their poster.

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