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Indie Spring

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Inspector Owl delivers a crazy video for “Mousey” from their brand new eponymous LP. Kudos to Corey & Co. for another great album.

Sayonara released “Mothership” directed by our pal, Jamison Acker. Mix for this Dallas recording created right here at Couderay Music.


Naked In Nature by Carpmen

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Naked In Nature recorded live in 1986 at Studio B Chicago.

Naked in nature

I come to her

my mind undressed

Recorded live in Studio B Chicago in 1986.

No real setup for sound check. Basically a plug & play situation while trying to capture the sparks as they flew. The 80s reverb was not an option. Its use mandated by the music convention of 1986. We also wore mullets and skinny ties.

If you take three, Indiana-bred, childhood friends and call them Peter Gunn (why not, they did!) and filter this through 2/3 of the post-punk trio, The Others, and finally, add another friend and flavor by incorporating the studio project that was King Of Sighs, you get the no-frills, improvised experiment that was Carpmen. Five guys show up. A notebook or five might see the light of day. Ideas, still in flux, congeal. This is the results.

I must give credit to Scotch/3M because that cassette was not too miserable to restore. No flakes either! Maybe we drove those waveforms into that ribbon with enough force to keep it all there for a long, long time. I love this project. We had fun with no strings attached. If I have a regret, it would be that I was in the control room and not in the live room. Perhaps the rest of this lot preferred it that way? Haha!! Well played, gents. Oh well, someone had to press record. KK

One day. One time. From the unknown…

Papa | Down | Pray | Naked In Nature | Mission Impossible

Mike Jones: vocals & notebook

JD Dragus: guitar no whammy & backing vocals

John Carpenter: guitar with whammy

Dan Massey: drums

Kerry Kelekovich: bass & recording engineer

Words by Mike Jones

All songs © 1986 Carpmen / © 2011 Lilypad Records All Rights Reserved

Thanks to everyone at Columbia for letting us do this without interference, especially Diego and security.

Restoration by KK at Couderay Music June 2011 for  Lilypad.

I’d like to tell you something about me

but I don’t know me half as well as you

to be released 11 November 2011

“Candy Store” by The Wildroots

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Living up to a name isn't that easy. (photo: L. D'Amico Photography)

“It Came From Jay’s Garage” is a 12-artist compilation released in 1987 on Moving Target Records and distributed by Celluloid Records NYC. Produced by Lee Popa and mixed by Jay O’Rourke. Executive producer was Dave Frey. Recorded at Jay’s Garage August – November 1987. This is the only vinyl with Wildroots music on it. Please enjoy the occasional click and pop.

The Wildroots:
JD Dragus: lead vocals & lead guitar
Tom Gerlach: vocals & guitar
Kerry Kelekovich: bass
Dan Massey: drums

“Candy Store” © 1984 Jody Conte, JD Dragus and Dan Massey.

Photographs from the archives taken by Lare D’Amico at Chicago Choice Picks / Metro Chicago and in the wilds of Lake County, Illinois.

Linda Samodral shot the “Human Music” images in downtown Chicago.

Ripped from vinyl by KK at Couderay Music.

Video © 2011 Lilypad Records All Rights Reserved

Record Store Day 2011 For The Rest Of Us

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As an indie label, Lilypad Records never tried to sell ANYTHING for this occasion. Whatever sold, it was for sale all the other days of the year as well. And when it was clear that SOME Mom & Pops were not interested in having the brick & mortar indie community include internet operations, I was a tad disheartened. After all, there’s more vinyl here than a lot of the elitist stores glomming on to a music-centric day equal to Black Friday in a Wal-Mart. (Well, maybe more in spirit than financially?) Never mind the cassettes, dats, 45s and compact discs piled high in the archives. A private collection lent to interested parties when I’m asked. More like an indie music library, perhaps? OK.

So for the third year running, Lilypad is poised to crash the RSD’11 party with another podcasting day of music from our label’s family and friends. Please join the streaming goodness when I present a live interview and acoustic performance début on The Pad from Texas upstarts, Sayonara.

I’ll also be streaming a mix tape collection from acts such as Sarah Records’ only American artist — Aberdeen (Los Angeles), purveyors of midwestern rawk — Nomad Planets (Indiana), ambient-experimentalists — Young Jackies (Chicago), electronica newbie — Bisoux Bisoux (Beirut) and many more.

I hope you’ll join me at The Pad for another celebration of all things music with my friends that make it, with or without the blessing of Ozzy Osbourne & company…

“Discourage Wolf” By Sayonara

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“Discourage Wolf” is the recording début of Texas duo, Sayonara.

Formed officially in August 2010, Sayonara is the musical love-child of bassist/singer Debbie Pucek (Back After Dawn), and former WorldWideRiot guitarist/bassist/singer, Sean Blythe.

Sayonara is still writing music for their upcoming EP for Lilypad Records and they will be heading back to Chicago in June to continue recording at Couderay Music with music producer, Kerry Kelekovich.

Debbie Pucek: guitar & vocals

Sean Blythe: bass, keys & drums


My interrogator leaves me threatened
Only when he asks one question like,

What happens when the box stops ticking?

I’m in no state to tell
Don’t feel bad (I’ve got no guts)

This is the part when all deflections cease to amuse you
Maybe we should call it off and blackout like we always seem to

No one except for me gets in my head
I’m surprised you ever thought you could
Don’t take it the wrong way
It’s just the way I operate

How can I put it so you’ll understand?
There’s no end to everything that is
No single thought, emotion or thing you’ve lost
No word or touch or love that feels dead and gone

We are two blind Alpha wolves
Pouring out from a red light
Both worthy of this good fight
Over all the things that remain under the breath of all the others

No one except for me gets in my head
I’m surprised you ever thought you could
Don’t take it the wrong way
It’s just the way I operate

How can I put it so you’ll understand?
There’s no end to everything that is
No single thought, emotion or thing you’ve lost
No word or touch or love that feels dead and gone
The woods seem so much darker when
The moon is being pulled by something
But the sun is there
But the sun is near

lyrics by Debbie Pucek


Recorded on February 26, 2011 at Couderay Music in Wonder Lake, Illinois.

Produced, mixed & mastered by Kerry Kelekovich.


February Dates For Our Chicago Friends

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Friday 2/11

  • Hollus at Crusen’s on War  in Peoria,Il.


Saturday 2/12


Monday 2/14 Valentine’s Day


Friday 2/25

  • Hollus at Martyr’s in Chicago, Il.


Saturday 2/26

Weekend Picks If You’re In Chicago

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Michael Lux debuts his bad side at Bottom Lounge TONIGHT.

Mr. Lux steps out on his own.

Backed by Hollus’ rhythm section and friends.

In support of his début EP, Neat Repeater.

Steve Dawson at The Hideout

Steve Dawson and Melanie Budd at The Hideout

Time: 10:00 PM Mr. Dawson is one of my favorite singers and his solo work is great.

Always recommended.

Jayhawks at The Vic

And then there’s Mark & Gary & Co. at the Vic. You can’t walk down the street without tripping over good music tonight. Good to see Jayhawks back. Great harmonies and tight writing return after a hiatus.



The Hideout has Expo ’76 for my Saturday night pick.

Dag Juhlin writes: Our non-stop tour continues, and this week finds us roaring into one of the best places on the planet, The Hideout. It’s the official Expo’76 début performance at this beloved bar, and so we’re bringing along The Total Pro Horns as well as an extremely special guest or two or three or four. Heck, it could even be *YOU*.
The Hideout celebrates their 20th year of celebrating St. Timothy’s Day, and by all accounts this is going to be a magnificently unhinged event. We’ll do our best to make it that much more musically majestic.
Seriously — you won’t want to miss it. The Hideout brings something out in us, and it will for you too. BE THERE! Love, Expo’76: Dag, Kenn, Ralph and John
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