Trembling Blue Stars Release “Correspondence”

"Correspondence" on the platter photo by Beth Arzy

Robert Wratten brings his much-loved ensemble to an end with this six-song EP.  Featuring cover art by Runar Magnusson and a 10 inch, orange-ish, vinyl platter, “Correspondence” is a collector’s dream.  But pay no mind if you’re not a format freak because the songs are great and the package is simply delicious to look at while your ears are busy.

And busy your ears will be. Robert Hampson (from the bands Loop and Main) remixes “Half-light” and “Outside” into one song called,“The Light Outside” while Caesar McInulty (The Wake) and TBS singer Beth Arzy cover Wire’s “Kidney Bingos” to perfection.  But it’s during “Sunrise On Mars” when Bobby & Beth sing, “there’s a sunrise waiting to be seen” you realize this is not about record artwork, guest remixes or perfect cover song choices, this is the logical conclusion to a trip shared with TBS on  “Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires” (their last and final full-length, released by Elephant Records this past autumn).

This EP doesn’t say goodbye, it’s a perfect postcard to fans from a journey just begun. *** Highly recommended ***

Buy this at Darla Records


2 Responses to “Trembling Blue Stars Release “Correspondence””

  1. A fine review of a great band. Trembling Blue Stars also have a previously unreleased track on Dandelion Radio’s two volume ‘Five Years’ fifth birthday compilation that can be downloaded at

  2. Thanks Mark! “5 Years” was great, too.

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