Weekend Picks If You’re In Chicago


Michael Lux debuts his bad side at Bottom Lounge TONIGHT.

Mr. Lux steps out on his own.

Backed by Hollus’ rhythm section and friends.

In support of his début EP, Neat Repeater.

Steve Dawson at The Hideout

Steve Dawson and Melanie Budd at The Hideout

Time: 10:00 PM Mr. Dawson is one of my favorite singers and his solo work is great.

Always recommended.

Jayhawks at The Vic

And then there’s Mark & Gary & Co. at the Vic. You can’t walk down the street without tripping over good music tonight. Good to see Jayhawks back. Great harmonies and tight writing return after a hiatus.



The Hideout has Expo ’76 for my Saturday night pick.

Dag Juhlin writes: Our non-stop tour continues, and this week finds us roaring into one of the best places on the planet, The Hideout. It’s the official Expo’76 début performance at this beloved bar, and so we’re bringing along The Total Pro Horns as well as an extremely special guest or two or three or four. Heck, it could even be *YOU*.
The Hideout celebrates their 20th year of celebrating St. Timothy’s Day, and by all accounts this is going to be a magnificently unhinged event. We’ll do our best to make it that much more musically majestic.
Seriously — you won’t want to miss it. The Hideout brings something out in us, and it will for you too. BE THERE! Love, Expo’76: Dag, Kenn, Ralph and John

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