Summer’s Over Already?!!! A Gig Calendar: My Friends In Metro Chicago


Promoting their brand new album, ahem, half-album, Part One, Hollus returns to their hometown with special guests in tow. I had the pleasure (yes it was!) of mastering this six-song collection and it IS very good, indeed. Part One is scheduled for a November 2 release date with Part Deux dropping in early 2011. Click the poster to visit their website for details, music and show dates. You might also enjoy listening to my padcast which features Hollus performing live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago back in March.

Here’s a taste — Songs That You Love

Tomorrow The Moon

Steve Gerlach is the brother of Tom, my old band mate in my 80s band — The Wildroots. He is also a fantastic guitarist. TTM’s drummer provides a perfect bit of continuity to my next suggestion…

Expo ’76

Billed as a “Late Summer Mixabout and Fungluggery” — Dag Juhlin & company bring you a treasure trove of musical memorabilia. TTM’s drummer, John Carpender along with Dag, Ralph Baumel and Kenn Goodman dig out nuggets from your youth, your parents youth or your youthful enthusiasm to give the perfect summer soundtrack to go with your night of hard-drinking. Or maybe my night, that is.


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