Hollus Live At Lincoln Hall Chicago March 18, 2010

Michael Sauer and Jamison Acker (photo by Shalimar Beekman)

I’ve handled a lot of new Hollus material lately, mastering their Lucy Grey/Songs That You Love single, recording Jamison vocals at Rancho Lilypad and mixing the live recording of Hollus’ opening set at Lincoln Hall (March 18, 2010).

The Lucy Grey single will be available at their upcoming performance at the Abbey Pub April 25th for the International Pop Overthrow music festival. Jamison recorded vocals for Midnight, Rally Cry and Weather With You on April 9th. This means the album is moving along nicely with only a half-dozen more vocals to go and we’ll be finished tracking.

Live At Lincoln Hall finds the band prepped for delivery of their fourth album, Hollus. Clocking in with a thirty minute set, six out of seven songs are from the new record.



Songs That You Love


Rally Cry

Miss Daisy

Lucy Grey

Black & White

Lead vocals & tambourine: Jamison Acker
Guitar & backing vocals: Michael Lux
Bass: Colin Mulhern
Drums: Matthew Perryman
Keys & backing vocals: Katie Brandt

Photography by: Shalimar Beekman

Thanks to Company of Thieves, LH staff and Umaar Mirza.

FOH engineer Vince Cassamatta
Monitor engineer Chris Gelin
Special thanks also goes to Jessica Blanc(Production Staff at LH)

For more information about Hollus, visit their website at: hollus.net

All songs © 2010 Hollus All Rights Reserved


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