The music soiree known as South By Southwest begins its whirlwind of bands and performers in Austin, Texas today. Love it or hate it, SXSW does offer a music junkie an overdose of performances. No one gets to see all of the bands on their favorites list but those that try know it’s all about pacing yourself. Discovery is the real value of this festival with scenester overload on the down side.

If I could survive a dream fest schedule, I’d start with this:

17 WED: 

To warm up, it’s Ume’s show at 10 pm. 

Motörhead at Austin Music Hall at 10:30 pm. (I know, the only thing to discover here is Lemme’s secret to longevity.)  

Spoon at Stubb’s at 12:15 

End the night with Howe Gelb and the Band of Gypsies at 1 am. 

At least Ume’s kinda new. Call it my Wednesday warm up.

18 THU: 

First Aid Kit at 8 pm. 

The Besnard Lakes at 8:30

Cymbals Eat Guitars at 9 pm. 

jj at 10 pm 

Bad Veins at 11 pm. 

Lou Barlow at midnight 

The xx at 1 am to end the night. 

Wow! Two days and I’m already toast.

More to come…

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