Viral Payback: Pickleback


In 16 Days A Pickle Earned 1.44 Million Facebook Fans topping Nick*lback’s Facebook fan base.

Can we say Chad K and his mates in 5¢-back might be the most despised rock stars in net history? I have not fact checked other backlash campaigns. Maybe Creed or Jonas Brothers have manged to focus more contempt? I don’t want to know.

I hopped on the pickle express at 49K+ fans, way back in the day, or early  last week. Apparently, the admin has received official Facebook notice he’s losing his administration privilege in two weeks. Suggestions have been fast and furious. Will there be a new target of anti-fan wrath? There may be too many choices.

So as you moaned about your band’s inability to break through the bottomless pit of internet music marketing, a pickle got busy. What was your excuse again?


One Response to “Viral Payback: Pickleback”

  1. Pickle also beat Oprah, Creed and Sarah Palin for more fans. Go pickle.

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