Derek Sivers On The “First Follower”

I love TED Talks conferences. Someone always manages to present something that is worth one’s time. The face of CD Baby apparently hit a high note with those in attendance as Mr. Sivers shared his observations on the First Follower using this funny YouTube vid as a visual aide. Hmmmm? Didn’t Seth Godin use this video already for his Guy #3 blog? Maybe it doesn’t matter? Maybe that’s exactly the point? Maybe Guy #2 is the new Guy #3?

I thought one of the comments in Derek’s blog about the lack of credit to the band making this video “happen” in the first place, was right on. Let’s hear it for Santogold!

First Follower is a cute story. (Read the transcript at this link.) Apparently Peter Gabriel think its “important” enough to applaud. To Derek’s credit, he’s gone on record to say he won’t exploit this in any way. He’s had the idea (inspired by the uncredited, original idea) and is moving on. Anyone picking this up and running with it has his blessing. I can’t say why I have a smirk on my face about all of this. Early adopters, help me out!

Is Derek supremely naïve? Was the dancing guy in the video even demonstrating leadership? And IF leadership is as overrated as Derek suggests, what about the slight nicking and remixing of Godin’s thoughts for this re-purposing? A non-starter? Still, this presentation is interesting, humorous and has food-for-thought worthiness for any indie/D.I.Y. content creator. The dark side connoisseurs refer to the “lemming effect” and mass insanity as another spin on all of this. A fine line indeed.


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