Music Round Up

Moon Over Archway

Cath Carroll's "Moon Over Archway"

New Cath Carroll sessions continue, and in the process, one of my songs is undergoing major experimentation in our laboratory.

Cookie Jar, now known as Moon Over Archway (and immediately nicknamed [It’s A] Turnip), has begun its metamorphosis. What began as a ridiculously tremolo-ed Les Paul passage, set over a distorted nu-jazz drum loop, has transformed into something I would call torch-noir.

Rock-based, guitar & bass patterns laid over a fairly traditional jazz drumming pattern with Cath providing her jazziest styling to date is a good description of MOA. Of course, jazz purists will say it’s rock. Rock purists will say it’s jazz. Indie hipsters? Certain to call it jazz-rock without enough indie. Something to displease everyone perhaps? Perfect!

Trembling Blue Stars told us their new album is nearing completion and “The Imperfection Of Memory” — a song on which Cath sings lead vocal — wrapped up yesterday (12 Feb). It’s a lovely song written by Bobby Wratten for Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires which will appear later this year on Elefant Records.

A connection formed when part of Cath’s vocal work for the new Hit Parade album, recorded in producer Ian Catt’s London studio, stirred the collaborative juices of TBS — a band Ian also works with. When Cath returned home from her UK trip, she tracked TIOM vocals at Rancho Lilypad. We sent the results back to Mr. Catt and when we have a link to the finished track with album details, I’ll post them here.

Hollus is recording at RaxTrax in Chicago for their next album, dubbed Strange Parade, with their bassist and RaxTrax assistant engineer, Colin Mulhern, manning the controls. I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of some of their new material last month and there are some very good things in the works. When a rough mix or two surfaces, I will be posting them here, too. If you’re in Chicago you need to see this band for yourself. They play Quencher’s February 20. In the meantime, watch the production diary for the making of the new album: Hollus Production Diary | Strange Parade | 1.16.10

And finally, the Miaow restoration project better known as “Priceless Restoration“, bringing the mythical, never-was Factory Records collection known as “Priceless Innuendo” to life, is ready and launches tomorrow direct from Lilypad Records.

You can listen to the podcasts streaming from The Pad right here — where I turn the microphone around on our host (Cath) and get to the bottom of this cassette marked, “Sep Nov Dec ’87” — discovered buried in the contents of an old suitcase. Peter Terzian, editor of the essay collection, Heavy Rotation (Harper Collins 2009), wrote the liner notes and you can read them by clicking Cath’s photo (probably taken by Miaow manager, Brian O’Neill with CC’s camera).


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