Pravda Records 25th Anniversary Concert

Congratulations to Pravda Records for getting to a milestone few indie labels manage to achieve.

To celebrate, a concert guaranteed to rattle a few brain-cells loose is lined up TONITE at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. Everyone in the Chicago media seems to be plugging this one and we’re more than happy to oblige. Many of our friends, old & new, will share a bill (and a few other things) and rock the Abbey like it’s 1990. The Service, The Slugs and Boom Hank perform. Greg Kot’s blog included details:

Pravda Records 25th Anniversary

The Chicago indie label celebrates its first quarter-century with three of its most notable bands: the Service, the Slugs and Boom Hank. The label, which has released music by everyone from Tiny Tim to the Young Fresh Fellows, was forged during the indie-rock ‘80s as a musical outlet for the Service, DeKalb’s answer to the Replacements. A quarter-century later, it’s still going strong,

Friday at the Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace, $10 and $12;


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