The End Of An Era? Technics Will Stop Making The 1200 & 1210 Turntable In February 2010

If this is true, and it sure seems like it is, this would be another moment where I have to wonder what kind of bizarro world do I live in?

Vinyl recordings, from the seven inch to the 180 gram “heavy platter” formats, have been enjoying a good resurgence the last few years. Apparently, Technics did not get the memo. And while there are or were many companies manufacturing far superior turntables, there are few that can say their product defines the last 35 years with the confidence of Panasonic.

And although our two Technics turntables have worked flawlessly for years and outlived my beloved Philips Electronic, I never really loved to use and listen to them the way I did other turntables. Soto, Rega, Haybrook, B&O, Thorens and Linn to name a few, all made vastly superior products. But none would achieve the ubiquitous status of the Technics 1200.

Acoustic isolation, massive torque, reliable speed and built like a fort, the 1200 became the DJ’s choice in turntables. Will USB versions become the ultimate successor? I ask because I wouldn’t know. My analogue turntables have never let me down and the convenience of an all-in-one turntable/AD converters/USB interface doesn’t outweigh fidelity issues I still have with the more popular USB models.

Oh well. They’re not wooden instruments so my devotion is limited. It would be sad to see acoustic turntables disappear. For now, the music industry’s workhorse appears to be heading for retirement.

Read more at Inthemix.


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