Our Drop Box

Always love to get new music and today was a perfect example. Call it an advance on #MusicMonday.

Girl In A Room by ANTIQCOOL is an atmospheric, acoustic-based track with recognizable strains of CSN in a slight Fleet Fox-y sorta way. After working on Cath Carroll’s Desiree Won’t Come Down this past spring, Girl In A Room feels like home. Nice.

Song comments on Pete Smith’s Soundcloud page mentioned Guenevere but I noticed the intro reminded me of more traditional paths explored in Simon & Garfunkel‘s Scarborough Fair/Canticle.

If this is your cup of tea, you’ll like this one. Delicate and gentle with an understated production that matches the writing.



2 Responses to “Our Drop Box”

  1. Very nice indeed. I especially like the way the keyboards sort of drift in and out to fill in the important passages. And the intro is definitely very early S & G.

    But liking a song like this begs the question:
    If a song doesn’t have a screaming guitar solo and I like it, am I getting old?


  2. Thank you for featuring my song “Girl In A Room” on TIL IT SMEARS….and thanks for the comment Fred 🙂

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