Marketing Strategies From The Experts: Eat Your Teachers

It’s great watching the rise of new experts. “I’m right about THIS!” My new mantra, too.

Declaring Bob Lefsetz is WRONG in your blog is like screaming FIRE! in a theater so you can stand up and sell directions to the fire exits. Kate Bradley’s post (September 21) in her blog declaring Mr. Lefsetz‘s marketing strategies as wrong, while simultaneously launching a not-so-transparent marketing ploy of her own, was both interesting, funny and kinda disgusting.

Stating her employees are unpaid/free employees compensated in other ways, Kate fails to see one thing: volunteers are NOT employees.

Don’t believe it? Here’s something I probably shouldn’t tell you. 21 people work for me for free. Our online views have increased 127% in four months. 6000+ people read our newsletter. And we’re in the black after less than two years. Certainly, I hope it’s because we’re doing great work but for sure, friends and fans made this possible. As in, 65% them. No joke.

Kate Bradley said in reply to wheatus

wheatus: That kind of comment barely dignifies a response but here it is: Not if you’re rewarding them in other ways and it’s voluntary service. Duh.

Marketing is a business NOT a food bank cooperative. And, it is still MORE important to be great than to be first or early or fast.

Maybe Mr. Lefsetz will respond, maybe not. But it doesn’t matter whether you think Bob is a bitter, old hack or a sage adviser, Bob is right about excellence needing to matter most. Honing your skills in public is a marketing strategy that should die. And being ready IS better than being first for your true fans.

Spitting out hyperbole may be the sport of bloggers but I’m losing interest. How was that attention-getting headline good marketing Kate? Just asking.


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