Guitar Hero 5 Backlash Needs An Upgrade

Watching Kurt sing You Give Love A Bad Name makes me weep. As Bob Lefsetz said in his famous blog,

“You might say it’s only a video game, but that’s disrespectful.  We must honor our heroes.  And you may not care, but Kurt Cobain is still a hero to millions, the icon of a generation.  Why not have an animatronic JFK spewing Richard Nixon lines?”

Read the rest of it at: The Lefsetz Letter. And while I’m totally with Mr. Lefsetz on this one, I’d say Kurt was more of an anti-hair metal bubblegum guy, than JFK was the anti-Nixonian republican guy.

All politicians seem to share common elements in the light of history. (Showing great restraint here.) Some are obviously better than others, but rock icons seem less inclined to become the very thing they revolted against, later in their lives. And with Kurt, we’ll never know if he would have shown up on Regis & Kelly Live! hawking his latest sneaker. But, I think it’s pretty fair to say, this is just plain WRONG!



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