Lilypad At Soundcloud

Soundclouds home page

Soundcloud's home page

I wanted to let you know we are moving ahead with our Soundcloud account now that MySpace has officially ceased to be anything more than annoying.

Twitter and Soundcloud work very well together and couple that with our Facebook (Cath’s FB here) and our own websites/blogs, well, you get the idea, this is simply better.

And, we get to be LILYPAD! No records or hyphens, dots or… clutter! Nice.

At Soundcloud, you’ll also find tracks from all of the Lilypad roster, friends and our podcast, The Pad.

In the not-so-distant future, I hope to launch Cath’s “It All Looks Good On You” which is currently in the studio. Pretty excited about this one. OK, I’m biased. But just ask Cath, that doesn’t happen very often.

Hope summer is treating you right. That is, if it’s summer where you are?


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