Miaow’s Suitcase

The Priceless Innuendo Factory Records demo restoration from Lilypad Records

The Priceless Innuendo Factory Records demo restoration from Lilypad Records

When I set out to restore old MIAOW cassettes years ago, I assumed I had heard everything I could find and play without disaster. Tape flakes or dust and debris seemed more likely to be my first audio discovery. Surprisingly, they didn’t turn out to be too awful. An attempt at a wash & wax was made several times. Each break in the action resulted in new software developments from our plug-in dealers. Eventually, things became affordable and amazing. I may not be able to make pure garbage sound good but, at least, I can make it tolerable.

When Cath handed three more Miaow cassettes to me, I was a bit stunned. I thought we had found them all? [Cath revealed in the RSD09 padcasts that she always knew the tapes existed in a buried suitcase.]

The newest Miaow archive cassettes contain a real assortment of issues, sonically speaking. And the content? An original demo of When It All Comes Down and an unmixed, demo version of Break The Code were the biggest gems! They both have all of the imperfections of tuning & timing but there is that demo’s sense of urgency.

Two new tracks to add to the Miaow restoration collection, the Priceless Innuendo Factory Demo that never-was. Here’s the first one partially restored – no mastering/finishing – Break The Code, a Miaow song Cath calls her favorite.

Break The Code (Podcast at The Pad)


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