Accept No Substitute: The Art Of The Windmill by Dag Juhlin

Our good friend Dag Juhlin is at it again. As a guitarist that has demonstrated his appreciation of the guitar artistry of The Who’s Pete Townshend throughout his professional career, Dag created an instructional video for correct windmilling techniques (and that every guitarist needs to watch BEFORE attempting their own rendition of the classic windmill).

Apparently, Pete thinks so! It’s on The Who’s front page on their website, too.

Well done, Mr. Juhlin. Now about that note to Sting…


2 Responses to “Accept No Substitute: The Art Of The Windmill by Dag Juhlin”

  1. There is one caveat of the “Windmill” that Dag forgot. That is: once you master it, it takes on a life of it’s own. At moments when you least expect it, your arm will suddenly start windmilling and you will have no ability to control it.

    This can be especially inappropriate and embarrassing when you are in a business meeting or aboard a commercial airplane, and can be down right dangerous when it happens while driving or drinking hot coffee. However, performing a “Windmill” in front thousands of screaming fans on a regular basis seems to control this problem.

    Fred Pierz
    Senior chairman of windmill studies, the Townshend Institute.

    • Fortunately, Dag recognized he needed to leave out the inevitable smashing of the guitar which, I believe, happens involuntarily after achieving windmill master status.

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