Remembering Rich Carroll

Butch liked animals and had taken an almost-identical shot as a little boy.

Butch liked animals and had taken an almost-identical shot as a little boy.

I posted a blog about my friend Richard “Butch” Carroll (no relation to Cath) shortly after he died February 23, 2009. I took it down after feeling like I had somehow tried to fill blog space with news of his death. I regretted the deletion ever since. A similar post (less detail unfortunately) appeared on the Lilypad News page, linked to this photo by clicking on it.

In the post, I discussed the tragedy and unexpected nature surrounding Butch’s crash which happened while riding his Ducati motorcycle in the hills outside Austin, where he lived with his long-time partner Cathy Beaudoin. Why he crashed will remain a mystery. Butch was not a reckless idiot. He was fully dressed and helmeted. Internal injuries took his life the day after the crash.

I had been desperately looking for a suitable pic to remember Butch. Today, I received this one from my drumming mate, and another longtime brother (he introduced me to Butch), Dan Massey. The three of us backed Cath when she performed at SXSW 2001 on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sometimes a picture just says it all…

RIP Butch. We all miss you.


One Response to “Remembering Rich Carroll”

  1. rich was a director at Big Fish Films for several years, and we came to enjoy all his wit and humor.. we completed many projects while he was here and can not remember not having a Great time.. everyone is correct.. he will be missed and was one of the kindest most gracious men around..

    rest in peace..

    r o b e r t

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