Production Trends

Are the Loudness Wars over? It sounds like those not trying to live in 2003 are getting the message. Mixes are still loud but that suffocating need to crush the listener seems to be offset by a pursuit for sonic sweetening.

I was quite struck recently by Kristin Hersh‘s website where she is currently streaming 4 songs in a fantastic array of formats. All coupled to a tip jar, pay-as-you-see-fit, payment method. In her notes Hersh concludes,

“A song shouldn’t function as a page from my diary, but as an offering for your soundtrack.”

I couldn’t agree more. But I would also extend that to the production of music as well. I really like her use of space, the warm vocal overlay and the DIY production style in these mixes. Perhaps I’m biased by the latest sessions I’ve had with my wife Cath [Carroll] wherein we’ve been chasing a similar sound? Not that I’ve been able to resist using the studio-as-instrument as much as Ms. Hersh.

Check her out. Talk amongst yourselves. Please report back.


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