Okies Realize! Flaming Lips Win Official State Rock Song Battle

circa 2006

circa 2006

Wayne Coyne has made me laugh and smile a lot over the last decade or so. While I may not be a fanatical Flaming Lips fan, The Soft Bulletin changed me from a lurker, aware of songs like Vaseline, to a listener.

The ongoing battle in the Okie State, over the official state rock song, has been a great diversion from pandemics, politics and economics — the ics. It seemed like a shoe-in, Do You Realize? seemed certain to win the internet vote over Leon Russell and The Call. [Personally, I would have voted for TSB’s Superman.]

Just as it was about to become official, the state House of Representatives rejected Realize because the Lips’ Michael Ivins wore a Hammer & Sickle tee shirt. Really? Is communism a major threat to Oklahoma today? Yikes!

You might think the House of Oklahoma had bigger things to fight over. Did they think Tightrope (Leon Russell) deserved the crown? Anytime a ruling party in the USA is even aware of a band like the Flaming Lips seems like a small victory to me. The cultural bubble penetrated by some of our legislators. Gasp!

Wayne, via Reuters, responded with this —

“I don’t think we’re battling against what we feel is like a backwards mentality here. It’s really just a few religious wackos that think they can tell everybody what to do. It’s not even, to me, (a matter of) Democrats versus Republicans. It’s really just a couple of these small-minded guys who are the most popular guys in their church and their little small towns. In some ways it’s so absurd, it can only make us look good and them look stupid.”


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