Join us as we listen to a variety of songs from Lilypad’s friends and family, and Cath rambles on about counter terror at old record shops of the North. We establish Lilypad’s Atomic Theory of The Record Store (with thanks to Flann O’Brien), in order to justify why an online indie label is gate crashing this bricks & mortar event. We are Record Store.  The Padcast intro features ‘Dag Juhlin Symphony Extravaganza’, a tribute to the Man of a Thousand Bands, performed by the UK’s Monty.

Part 1

First is Miaow’s ‘Angel Spit’, from the original 8-track demo for the never-was Factory album “Priceless Innuendo”. See Padcast #9 for more details. Recorded in Joe Korner’s front room at the Elephant & Castle in late 1987. Song two is ‘March to the Mental House’ by Morris, IL’s rockingest duo, WorldWideRiot. Performed by Eric Enger and Sean Blythe, and recorded and mixed by Kerry Kelekovich. Eric Enger’s lyrical genius tends to get overlooked cos these fellas get so darned crazy sometimes. He says what he sees.

Then there’s some chitchat in which Cath asks Kerry about his favourite record stores of yesteryear. There’s some talk about Tempo Records, now sadly demolished, of southwest Chicago suburb, Oak Lawn, It was located on 95th Street, between Central and Cicero, near the railroad tracks, map fans. Tempo was later bought by Steve Wind and survived as Wind Records into the late 1990s. Cut out (never interview the tape op) were Kerry’s reminiscences of the possibly nameless basement record store in Archer Heights on 50th Street near Archer and Albany. This curious little haunt disappeared with the 1970’s. It was not the better-known Kroozin’ Music at Archer & California. If anyone remembers the place or better still, has a picture, step forward, you can remain anonymous.

Next up, The Greenwood’s very wonderful ‘How We Get There’, misidentified by Cath as a solo Dag Juhlin piece. That is he singing, though. One of several mixes, vocal recorded by Kerry.  Following, from Cath Carroll’s 2003 album “The Gondoliers of Ghost Lake” is an alternative version of ‘In Your Own Way’, written and recorded by Kerry Kelekovich. Fast on its heels, a writhing mess of hot rock recorded Live! At Lilypad,  from Morris/Chicago quartet Hollus. ‘Steal Away’ features Jamison Acker on vocal, Sean Blythe (now of WorldWideRiot) on bass, Michael Sauer on guitar, and Matthew Perryman, drums.

Finally some more blab from Cath about Manchester record shops of old- who knew record shopping could be so miserable? It seems this should also be Record Stall day in tribute to the outdoor second hand record stalls everywhere, especially the one that stood amongst the greengrocers’ barrows at the corner of Church Street and Cross Street. Cath calls it the Tib Street stall since it was on a personal record-hunting path that began on that street. Don’t ask. . And to restore us all to a feeling of something like Zen, Lilypad’s Young Jackies, salute another ‘Cool Non Rhythmic Summer’. LISTEN TO PART ONE (29:45) 27.3 MB / 128 MP3


Some years ago Kerry had worked with the Chicago band New Hi Lo, whose guitarist was Mark Bachara and drummer Tom Des Enfants. Mark and Tom now play in the featured band Blueblood, along with vocalist Mike Des Enfants and bassist Shaun Paul Jones. This is their splendidly titled ‘Goodnight Nurse’.

We’ve raised the tone of Part 2 by adding snippets from interviews with the very late and lamented Roy Orbison and Dusty Springfield. See if you can spot them! For more, listen to Padcasts #4 and #5 (and read Cath Carroll’s notes, too).

Dag Juhlin’s up next with his very own ‘Blue Diver’. Find more Dag on Facebook, you’ll be so glad you did.

Next from Lilypad’s Capo5Four is a very enigmatic piece of work “From Your Lips’. It is followed by a very welcome inclusion of Johnnie Warmer’s ‘It’s Just The First Step’. Johnny Warmer is/was John Carpenter and Kerry Kelekovich. This is one of an unreleased album of songs “A Month of Tuesdays” written by John and Kerry and recorded in 1993 at Thunderclap Studios in Hammond, IN.

Newest Lilypad outfit Dirty Chinchilla offer up a work in progress, ‘I’m On Your Side’, and Miaow close this segment with a tribute to Manchester, Dusty Springfield, and the drag queens who loved her, ‘Marry Me Dusty Springfield’. Although grouped with the ‘Priceless Innuendo’ demos, this is an earlier recording featuring Cath, Ron and Chris.

In the interlude, Cath finds time to remember imaginary slights at record stores in Liverpool too- oh, happy days interrupting Pete Burn’s sewing circle at the Probe Records counter, a refreshing oasis of indifference in that city where the cheerfulness bylaws are zealously enforced by its upbeat citizenry. Rescuing us from all this, The Slugs. These longtime Chicago favourites bring us ‘Sending Out A Line’ from their 2000 CD, Junior.

Last song on this Padcast is Cath Carroll’s ‘Snobears’, an online-only special from the turn of this year.

Thanks for listening everyone, stop by soon, and now go record shopping. LISTEN TO PART TWO (33:16) 30.6 MB / 128 MP3


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