Cringing with The Boxmasters


I know, I know… this is NOT new news to most of you. BUT. I never actually watched it before. I mean — GEEZ! Could this be a better reason to kill the music industry as we know it and reformulate with a bunch of non-industry types, not folks that have name recognition due to their endeavors and pursuits in different art forms?

Mr. Slingblade sorry, Billy Bob, plays drums with The Boxmasters. They appeared on a music-related interview show where the topic was THE BOXMASTERS! I bet you can guess some of the questions asked.

So after you watch this interview, I wonder what you will think? Was Billy Bob trying to provoke a fight? Is this an attempt at reverse psychology in 21st century marketing? Or is this the best example of how NOT to conduct a live band interview?

Later that same day…

Well, well, well… It seems Willie Nelson just announced The Boxmasters will not be continuing on the Canadian leg of Willie’s tour. Maybe he can make that ALL legs of his tour? Who’d want that guy sucking the energy out of something as fun as touring the globe playing music?

Sure, the idea was, don’t make the QTV interview about Billy Bob. But as our host said, WHY would anyone care about The Boxmasters without the back story of BB? And the real punchline — the show rider clearly stipulates the act BE BILLED AS — BILLY BOB THORTON AND SPECIAL GUESTS THE BOXMASTERS!!! Sometimes, there is no such thing as too far up your own rectum.

Watch the video and then click the correct billing to see the actual rider at The Smoking Gun.


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