360 Deals. Buzzword or prudent business advice? The constantly-in-flux music biz has been changing my mind on this one. Of course, only if music is free and that crappy t-shirt costs $40. Revalue excellence and make music an art form that requires actual, not virtual, talent and I may change my mind, again.

This piece from Music Think Tank is worth the reading time. It may even convince you to sign up your baby sister or grandfather as part of the team? Whatever it does, this blog will demonstrate that what’s good for the big boys and girls like U2 or Madonna, may even be good for your unknown act.
One thing that’s absolutely true, it’s always a good idea to treat your act like it’s a professional entity if you perform in public and release commercial products. And when you consider the effort and money it takes for all parties involved in a band, looking for a way to create an incentive for everyone is essential.
Some say the label is dead and management is king. In the proper hands, a band’s management could conceivably control all aspects of writing, recording, manufacturing, distributing and publishing. Hmmmmmm? Isn’t that the very notion we’ve all tried to avoid? The band writes, records and publishes. Not the management or you’re a boy/girl band.
My point? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all for anyone. There really never was but today, everyone needs to try to tailor their working relationships to fit the way they operate. And labels could provide this too, buuuuuttttt, that is considered too intrusive on the artiste.
If there is management willing to develop an act from the ground up based on love of the artist’s music, they may be the best choice for 360 status? But if the band is savvy and capable of burning the candle 24/7, breaking through, without a slice going out to a non-band member, can be achieved successfully.

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